Redesigning the way we value and manage land.

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Innovative Land Index - A Product of GovHack, Team CeRDIfy


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Less suitable for agricultural use

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Who is this for?


This tool can help farmers and other agricultural decision makers in selecting land based on suitability for agriculture.


This tool can help regional and town planners to identify areas of potentially higher agricultural production values to take into consideration when making zoning decisions in relation to urban development.


There is a great community interest in the concept of reducing 'food miles' both in terms of reducing the environmental impact of food transportation as well as providing the community access to the freshest local food. This will happen with better town planning practices through the use of the index.


Approaching the management of resources such as water supplies, groundwater, wetlands, native flora and fauna require a better understanding of all the complicated factors, such as urban sprawl, competing economic interests and pollution.


Why is this important?

With increasing populations and urban sprawl there are concerns that prime agricultural land is being overtaken by urban development. This poses many problems including:

  • Risks to food security as suitable land for agriculture becomes unavailable forcing agriculture into areas that are less ideal.
  • When less ideal land is used for agriculture such as into areas of lower rainfall or poorer soil this creates an increased need for irrigation drawing on limited and precious water supplies (groundwater and rivers) as well as increased need for fertiliser inputs.